Urgent need for coats – men’s, women’s, boys and girls. This rack is what is left of the winter coats for the clients contacting us in desperate need of a winter coat. The cold weather has come upon us quickly. Only a week ago you might have worn shorts but now it’s snowing and cold out, especially if you are standing outside waiting for the bus, or waiting outside a shelter to get in, or waiting online at a food pantry.

Cold is the enemy of the homeless and low income. If you are lucky enough to have a place to live you likely keep the heat turned as low as possible or off because of the cost of heating your home. Blankets and warm clothing become your protection against the cold. We have had a record number of requests for blankets and warm coats from caseworkers and clients. We can never have enough blankets for the clients, caseworkers and shelters that have been requesting them. This year even more than others we need to keep our clients healthy.

Just this week we had a client, second photo, pick up clothing he requested in only a sweatshirt. The same week we had a staff member come in from an adult day program (third photo) in need of a coat for one of their clients. Before the winter is over we will get requests from 1000’s of clients needing warm winter clothing in every size. If you have any coats in your closet not being worn we would be grateful to get them. Even one coat will be one more client who isn’t cold this winter.

We have just updated our clothing donation drop off process in order to streamline it. We have made the following changes – if you are donating only clothing we are open to those donations Tuesday-Friday 9-2:45pm and Saturday 9-12:45pm, no appointment necessary. If you are donating other goods such as housewares and furniture we will continue to schedule those drop offs through our email donategoods@thewishproject.org. We are hopeful that this will make it easier for our donors to drop off their donations at their convenience. Thank you for helping us provide winter coats to clients who need them.

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