Tina DiNino

The Wish Project celebrates the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

We are so grateful to be receiving donations from Massachusetts students as part of Project 351. These beautiful blankets were made by students, donated to The Wish Project, and will be going to local individuals in need. Thank you Maggie McLeod, Rachel Saball, Shannon Moore, Katelyn Melvin, and all of the other amazing Massachusetts students giving back as part of Project 351. You are making our world a better place.

Patricia and Judy stopped by the warehouse yesterday to pick up 115 blankets and toiletries. They will be bringing these to the local homeless population, to help keep them clean, dry, and warm. Thank you to all of the donors who have provided these items. Your donations are helping out our most vulnerable neighbors.

Please join staff and volunteers in wishing Patty a very happy retirement. After 7 years of keeping everyone in line and on task, your daily presence will surely be missed. Thank you for all of your dedication to our mission. Enjoy all of your free time!

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