Patricia and Judy, from Matthew 25, stopped by the warehouse to donate mugs and shoes. They received the donations and were not able to use them, so they brought them to us. By working together with other local nonprofits, we are able to get the right items to the right clients.
Thanks Patricia and Judy!!!

Thank you Andrea Budiu for collecting much needed toiletries for The Wish Project!

If you are a student looking to gain volunteer hours for school or church, and would be interested in an offsite opportunity, please email tina@thewishproject.org for more info.

Thank you to the Francisco Family who came to the warehouse this week to donate a kitchen table with chairs and dressers. These quickly went out to clients moving in to new new housing and were so very appreciated.

Thank you Lowell YMCA, and all of the generous donors who ordered off of our Amazon wish list, for answering our plea for women’s underwear! We now have many packages to give to clients who turn to us for clothing.

Thank you Lisa Coella for the donation of a case of tide pods, tooth brushes, and toothpaste! These will go in out cleaning and hygiene kits that go out to our clients, to help keep them clean and healthy during this pandemic.

Denille Ruth stopped by the warehouse her sons Jack and James to pick up their auction items. While they were here, they also donated items for our BITS bags! Thank you Denille, Jack, and James!
If you’re interested in donating items for this project, check out our Amazon wish list for BITS bags.


Thank you to The Hamilton Family for the awesome donation to our BITS Bags!

The next project up in our calendar is BITS (Basic Items for Toddler Success) Bags. These bags are filled with educational and developmental toys for young children and will be given to local low income families with small children. These children are at greater risk for developmental delay and we strive to provide age appropriate items to prevent this.

See more on this project here

See our Amazon wishlist for this project here


Thank you Caroline Correia, from Caroline Rose Fiber Arts, for your donation of beautiful hand dyed and hand spun yarn. These gorgeous items are up for bid at our Winter Wishes Open Your Heart Online Auction. Bidding opens Monday February 8th at 9am!

Check out all the auction items here

Thank you Ella and Mason for your donations of birthday bags! These bags contain everything needed for a birthday party. Your generosity will make it possible for local families in need to celebrate the special day. Thank you!!

Don’t forget to check out our Winter Wishes Open Your Heart Online Auction! Bidding opens February 8th at 9am! https://www.32auctions.com/TheWishProject

Thank you to Washington Savings Bank for becoming a sponsor for our Winter Wishes Open Your Heart Online Auction and continuing to support our mission. It’s through the generosity of local businesses like Washington Savings Bank that we are able to continue to support those most in need in our community.

Be sure to visit https://www.washingtonsavings.com for all of your banking needs.

Don’t forget to check out our Winter Wishes Open Your Heart Online Auction! Bidding opens February 8th at 9am! https://www.32auctions.com/TheWishProject

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