Giving Tuesday

$10,000 Matching Gift Challenge – Help us reach our $40,000 end of year goal!

A generous donor has offered to match the first $10,000 in donations made starting on Giving Tuesday!

They will match any amount made on Giving Tuesday up to $10,000 by donating $2 for every $1 donated.

If $10,000 in donations are not achieved on Giving Tuesday, they will then match donations $1 for every $1 donated, up to December 7th, until $10,000 in donations are made.

We are thrilled to see we are already at $9,000 90% of the way to reaching that goal. Please help us make our goal and matching gift challenge by following the link to Donate Now.

We thank you for sharing with friends, family, neighbors and online groups that might want to support our mission on Giving Tuesday and help us meet our Matching Challenge!

Dear Friends of The Wish Project:

More than ever, we need your support. Our clients need us more this year than they ever have and we are supporting them in every way that we can. We are:

Buying headphones for students attending school from home to help them focus and concentrate on their teacher and their studies.

Providing everything necessary for our clients coming out of homelessness to set up an apartment.

Giving out more clothing, shoes, diapers and baby wipes than ever before.

Distributing winter coats, hats, gloves, and boots to anyone who needs them.

Our goal is to raise $40,000 in this end of year appeal and we have a matching gift challenge which will take us halfway to our goal!

All donations made on Giving Tuesday will be matched two for one. A generous donor has offered to donate $2 for every $1 donated, up to $10,000.

If we don’t meet $10,000 in donations on Giving Tuesday, the donor has agreed to continue the challenge through December 7th with a $1 for $1 match until we reach $10,000.

If we are able to achieve $10,000 in donations, that amount will be doubled to $20,000, which will get us halfway to our goal of $40,000 !

If you are considering donating to The Wish Project, this is a great way to make your donation count more than ever.

Can you please help? I promise you that we won’t waste a penny of the money that you donate. Follow the link to Donate Now . Thank you for helping us reach our Giving Tuesday matching challenge. #GivingTuesday

Alyce Moore
Executive Director
The Wish Project

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