Magic of Christmas

Carol is one of Santa’s elves at the warehouse. She is making a list and checking it twice to make sure we have everything we need to go out next week to our partner agencies for their clients. Lori and her warehouse elves have been working hard to make sure that nothing is forgotten and all the caseworkers leave with what they need. In spite of the pandemic we now find ourselves in the midst of our donors have been extraordinarily generous and we know the families that receive their gifts will be so grateful on Christmas morning.

Magic of Christmas gifts continue to go out to our partner agencies and their clients. Joanne from Community Teamwork, Inc. HCEC picked up some of their family gifts today in plenty of time to get them out to their clients before Christmas. All of the agencies have been very grateful for the support this year in spite of the pandemic we are all living through. They know how much these gifts will mean to their already struggling families. We are very grateful for the incredible amount of support we received this year to help put a smile on a child’s face Christmas morning in a year that has given us few reasons to smile.

Thank you to the staff of The Cutting Corner in Dracut for their great clients, friends and people in the community who have donated gifts to The Magic of Christmas. Not only did they help 20 children, they sponsored a family and had 2 huge boxes of toys to donate to those in need. People were extra generous this year and they had well over $2000.00 in gifts. So thank you to everyone who helped make this holiday brighter and put a smile on these children’s faces . 🎁🌲

Thank you to Kaitlyn Brennan for her KB Toy Train donation dropped off yesterday. She launched the event two weeks ago “Fill the KB Toy Train for the Magic of Christmas,” and so many people joined from all over (SC – PA – NY – NH – ME – MA) and either shipped or joined the local and safe drop-off yesterday morning (even in the rain). From donors dropping off, their packages, Kaitlyn in the “toy train” enroute to Wish, to her helpers unloading at the warehouse! Such a wonderful undertaking of so many people to help our community this holiday season, and it all started with one person and one idea, thanks Kaitlyn, we know our clients will be very grateful!

Thank you to the Groendwadt family for their donations for our Magic of Christmas project. We know our partner agencies and their families will be thrilled to have these gifts under their tree Christmas morning. There will be so many smiles on Christmas morning thanks to the generosity of our community this year.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the warehouse. The gifts are pouring in before this Saturday’s donation deadline. The Torpey family delivered their gifts for the family they sponsored for Magic of Christmas. We are thrilled with the support we received this year in spite of the pandemic we find ourselves in this year.

Thank you to donor Jen Downs for the awesome donation of new gifts for Magic of Christmas. We are so grateful for the support we received this year. Now more than ever our already struggling clients have greater stress to deal with this holiday season. Jill is hearing from individuals who were previously donors and now clients due to the devastation Covid has had on the economy and their families health. Right now some of our greatest needs are Size 3T/4T Pull Ups, Size 4T/5T Pull Ups, Size 4 Diapers, Women’s Size M and L long sleeve shirts, Men’s long sleeve shirts all sizes, coats for the whole family, hats, gloves, safety gates, infant swings, pack and play sheets and diaper bags for our clients with infants. If you have any of these items to donate you can drop off next Tuesday-Saturday 9-2:45pm. If you are donating furniture please call first to make sure we have the space or email donategoods@thewishproject.org. If you prefer to shop online we have an Amazon wish list where you can purchase our most needed items and ship direct to us https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/D0WB109LX427… . Thank you for helping us provide basic items our clients need!

A word from Jill – Since Lori has taken over Christmas my stress level has gone down, but this year it is all different, the number of clients needing our help has gone up. Those that used to donate are now in need of help themselves. None of our clients ever thought they would be where they are today. This year it is our younger adults and teens that has me stressed. They are asking for such basic needs, a coat, hat and gloves. Can you imagine your own teens asking for things we all take for granted? Our clients are, because they are now working more or looking for ways to be able to make money. Times are tough for so many people and imagining that all they want for Christmas is a coat breaks my heart. I know people are thinking Jill, you give out used items. Yes we do, but as soon as we get adult coats donated, they go out. They know how hard it is and they are asking for our help and we can not give what we do not have. So remember when you email Lori asking to sponsor a child there are teens and adults out there that missed so many things this year and they just want a coat. Help us put the magic of Christmas into their lives too. – Jill Maker, Chief Operations Officer

If you can help out by purchasing one gift we have an Amazon wish list where you can shop from home and ship direct to us and these items will go to fill the Christmas lists of teens and adults that have still not been gifted. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3MD3TCCHHJTGL?ref_=wl_share If you have any questions please email Lori at lori@thewishproject.org, Santa’s elf at the warehouse. Thank you for helping us put some magic in a teen or adults Christmas this year.

Thank you to Sean from Brooks Automation for the generous donation of gift cards and toys for our Magic of Christmas project. These gifts will mean so much to the lucky families that receive them. We are grateful to our corporate partners for helping our mission and our clients in any way they can.

Thank you to Melissa Laurin for sponsoring families for our Magic of Christmas project. These gifts will mean so much to the lucky families that receive them. We are grateful to our generous community for helping our neighbors in need in an extremely difficult year.

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