Service project

A carload of BITS Bag items collected by Lawrence Academy student Emmy Beauvais was delivered to the warehouse today. Emmy has been working on supporting project after project at The Wish Project this year and we are so thankful for all her hard work. Dedicated volunteers, like Emmy, are what keeps our organization going.

If you are interested in volunteering on one of our offsite projects, please email tina@thewishproject.org

Thank you Andrea Budiu for collecting much needed toiletries for The Wish Project!

If you are a student looking to gain volunteer hours for school or church, and would be interested in an offsite opportunity, please email tina@thewishproject.org for more info.

Thank you to donor Devon Das and his dad for stopping by the warehouse with his donation of a handmade blanket at part of @project 351
These amazing blankets, which have been dropped of by many students over the past two weeks, will go to our clients in need.. Keeping them warm this winter.
We are so thankful for these generous students and their commitment to give back and care for those in need in our community.

Thank you to Annie Lagunilla from Wilmington for holding a clothing drive. These clothes will go to many local families in need, keeping them warm as the temperature continues to drop.

We currently have several clothing bins empty, or near empty, and clients in these sizes may not be able to get clothing from us. If you have boys tops in sizes 14-16, boys tops and bottoms in size 18, men’s tops in sizes small and medium, and girls tops in sizes 12-18 that you no longer need, please consider donating so that we are able to pass on to clients in these sizes.

We are so grateful to be receiving donations from Massachusetts students as part of Project 351. These beautiful blankets were made by students, donated to The Wish Project, and will be going to local individuals in need. Thank you Maggie McLeod, Rachel Saball, Shannon Moore, Katelyn Melvin, and all of the other amazing Massachusetts students giving back as part of Project 351. You are making our world a better place.

Thank you to Jeannie Erickson and the students at Groton-Dunstable Regional High School service learning class. For several years they have been incorporating a baby shower in the class and donating all the items to us. So many families will benefit from the diapers, stroller/car seat and other baby goods they donated during these difficult times. We love it when schools and community groups encourage service to others as part of their program. Families helping families is what community is all about.

Thank you to Girl Scout Troop 62682 for the awesome donation of 13 birthday bags for our young clients. These bags are filled with everything needed to have a birthday party for 8 including cake mix, frosting and candles. We think everyone deserves a birthday cake on their birthday! We love that scouts encourage girls to find ways to give back to others. Yet another wonderful example of kids helping kids!

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