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Lori says goodbye to the last of the BITS Bags

Lori is so excited to send off the last of the BITS Bags, but she can’t take a break just yet….

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Student Volunteers Donate Big

A carload of BITS Bag items collected by Lawrence Academy student Emmy Beauvais was delivered to the warehouse today. Emmy has been working on supporting project after project at The Wish Project this year and we are so thankful for all her hard work. Dedicated volunteers, like Emmy, are what keeps our organization going.

If you are interested in volunteering on one of our offsite projects, please email


Newsletter 3.25.2021

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Thank You!

A huge thank you goes out to Lisa Dibartolomeo! She not only dropped off donations for BITS Bags, but she also included a bag of beautiful, hand made baby blankets. Each blanket was wrapped up in a bow and included a matching hat as well as a hand written note card including the size of the blanket, what it’s made of, washing instructions, and hat size. We were so very excited to receive them and we can’t wait to include them in our newborn baskets and gift them to new moms.
Thank you Lisa for your bits donations, these beautiful blankets and hats, and all of the love and thoughtfulness that went into these gifts!

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Kids Helping Kids

Thank you Molly, Will, and Katherine Gardner for the awesome donation of BITS Bags! We love seeing kids thinking of other kids and making sure that they all have access to these basic toys.


Newsletter 3.18.2021

Caseworker Project Volunteer

A Volunteer, a Caseworker, and a Whole Lot of BITS Bags!

Joanne from CTI stopped by the warehouse to pick up BITS bags. Rob helped her load up her car with all the bags we were able to make up for her clients. These will soon be given out to local families with small children, to help with their development. We can’t wait to hear about all the happy faces that are to come!

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Happy Caseworkers Pick Up BITS Bags

More happy caseworkers picking up BITS Bags! These bags, filed with age appropriate and educational toys, will soon be in the hands of local infants and toddlers. We are all so happy knowing that we are helping local children grow and learn.

Needs Project Volunteer

BITS Bag Needs

Bits Bag donations are coming in and Nancy has been hard at work assembling bags. She still needs bags, crayons, and toys!

If you have these items to donate, or complete bags to donate, please fill out our online donation form and stop by the warehouse Tuesday-Saturday 9-2:45
If you prefer to shop online and ship directly to us, please check out our Amazon wish list for this project

Thank you for sharing with friends, family, neighbors, and online groups who may have items they wish to donate.h

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BITS Items are Arriving!

Basic Items for Toddlers are being delivered!! Thank you to all of the generous donors who stopped by and who shipped to us this week. We are so thankful for all of these items.

But we’re not done yet! We still need new toys for these bags. If you’re able to donate these items, or complete bags, you can drop off at the warehouse Tuesday-Saturday 9-2:45.
If you prefer to shop online, check out our Amazon wish list for this project

Thank you for sharing with friends, family, neighbors, and online groups who may have items they wish to donate.