Any of you who have volunteered here know Dianne.

Any of you who follow our Facebook group closely will also know Dianne.

She is the woman who is often wearing a silly outfit or an outrageous hat. Dianne often works with volunteers and once they figure her out, which I’m not going to lie might take a few minutes because her sense of humor is…..shall we say…..quirky, they quickly learn to love her.

I can’t tell you how many volunteers have told me that the reason they came back to volunteer again was because of Dianne. People especially request to work with Dianne sorting clothes.

About a month ago Diane handed me a giant bag of coins that weighed a ton.

She said to me, and I quote, “Here, take this and bring me back some real folding money!”

Dianne told me that she had been saving all of the coins that she found in pockets while she was sorting donated clothes and these were the coins from the last year. She said she wanted to do something nice for the volunteers with that money. The coins added up to be about $100. So, as instructed, I turned those coins into folding money and Dianne made Christmas ornaments for every volunteer that included a lottery ticket and some chocolates.

This gesture is quintessential Dianne – kind and thoughtful – done while wearing a crazy hat and while trying to give the illusion that she is a tough wise ass.

Merry Christmas, Dianne, you wacky, lovable woman!

Merry Christmas from all of us at The Wish Project!

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