community support

It was a busy day at the dock on Saturday. All of these donations came with 2 sets of donors. Rachel and Jess, on the left, are 2 Wilmington High School students who collected donations. On the right the Moore family and their donations. We are grateful for the support of so many in our community to help their neighbors in need.

Thank you to 5-6-7-8 Dance Studio for the awesome donation of 172 pair of new socks. This was the result of a collection they held before Christmas. What a wonderful donation! What is more basic than a pair of socks – our clients will be very grateful. We are extremely grateful for the continued support of the business community to help our neighbors in need in Greater Lowell and Merrimack Valley.

John Pellegrino and the Billerica fire stations collected toys for Christmas for children in need in Billerica. After they had filled all the need in their town they contacted Lori and asked if she could use the extras for our clients. Lori said absolutely and was given 4 bags of gifts including a bag from donor Brian Buck who was dropping off his donation. We are grateful for the community partnership we have with so many towns and organizations that share their surplus with us. All our clients benefit from the generosity.

One mom picked up clothing for her family. The man with her has been helping her family by translating, providing transportation and had already made several trips recently picking up furniture for her. This day they were back to get clothing. It’s wonderful to see someone who is making a difference in the lives of people in their community by offering his assistance. It’s just another example of people using their gifts and talents to help others. Thank you for helping us to support our clients by donating the items they need.
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