happy clients

Happy clients take home cuddle bundles with their diapers and wipes order! We love the joy that these sweet sets bring to those receiving them.

We are currently in need of baby blankets, not only for Your Fairy Godmother to include in gifts like these, but also to give to the parents of all the new babies that we are seeing right now.

If you have any baby blankets to donate, please stop by the warehouse Tuesday-Saturday 9-2:45. Be sure to fill out our online donation form prior to dropping off https://www.thewishproject.org/drop-off-donation-form/

Thank you for sharing with friends, family, neighbors, and online groups that may have items that they wish to donate.

We love getting happy updates! Caseworker Tameka, from partner agency Vinfen, shared a video of her client opening up her newborn basket that she received. Big thanks to Your Fairy Godmother for making up these awesome gifts for new moms.

These clients came to the warehouse with an empty truck and left with it full of all of the things they needed for their home and new baby! We love when trucks leave full and clients leave smiling.

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