3rd grader Saharsh Dasari stopped by with his mom Sameera today. He was dropping off new coats and gift cards that he purchased with money he collected for Christmas. He also included a handwritten note that said –

“I am a third grader, for Christmas I collected money and my mom helped me buy new winter coats for kids who do not have them. We dropped off some coats two weeks ago at the wish project, Today I am droping of 3 more also, for the wish project. I donated the toys I got for my birthday 2 weeks ago at the wish project. I hope the kids who got these for Christmas, have fun with them.”

It’s hard to know just what to say about that note. The compassion and kindness it contains is like a ray of sunshine in what has been a sad and awful year for many. It’s children like Saharsh that give us hope for the future. Teach kindness and empathy to young children and they will model it for the rest of their lives.