newborn baskets

A huge thank you goes out to Lisa Dibartolomeo! She not only dropped off donations for BITS Bags, but she also included a bag of beautiful, hand made baby blankets. Each blanket was wrapped up in a bow and included a matching hat as well as a hand written note card including the size of the blanket, what it’s made of, washing instructions, and hat size. We were so very excited to receive them and we can’t wait to include them in our newborn baskets and gift them to new moms.
Thank you Lisa for your bits donations, these beautiful blankets and hats, and all of the love and thoughtfulness that went into these gifts!

We love getting happy updates! Caseworker Tameka, from partner agency Vinfen, shared a video of her client opening up her newborn basket that she received. Big thanks to Your Fairy Godmother for making up these awesome gifts for new moms.

Thank you to Renee Annunziata and Brownie Troop 2436 for their awesome donation of 3 newborn baskets and 3 handmade diaper bags. These basic items for new moms and their babies will be appreciated by the clients who receive them. We are so happy to see youth groups invest their time and energy into community service projects for their neighbors in need. Thank you for helping our clients who are struggling through these challenging times!

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