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It’s Time for BITS Bags!

It’s time for BITS Bags!!

These bags contain puzzles, bubbles, crayons, a coloring book, a beach ball, tub toys, a book, and a new baby toy and are given to local families in need with small children. These parents are often not able to provide their children with age appropriate toys for stimulation, and these children are at a greater risk for developmental delay. Our goal is to give these bags to every family needing them to help aid in their children’s development.
If you’re interested in getting involved with this project, email
If you’re interested in donating items, or complete bags, you can drop off at the warehouse Tuesday-Saturday 9-2:45.
If you prefer to shop online, check out our Amazon wish list for this project

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Next Up, BITS Bags

The next project up in our calendar is BITS (Basic Items for Toddler Success) Bags. These bags are filled with educational and developmental toys for young children and will be given to local low income families with small children. These children are at greater risk for developmental delay and we strive to provide age appropriate items to prevent this.

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See our Amazon wishlist for this project here