treating the staff

Dianne and Lori pose in their matching Valentine’s masks made for the whole staff by our wonderful volunteer Brenda. They are perfect for February, Valentine’s Day and for our Valentine’s week auction coming up very soon.

Grace is enjoying a cookie from the platter dropped off by Brenda Nicolosi today. Brenda has been doing a fantastic job of picking up donations from all over the community and delivering them to us for those who can’t make it here. So generous with her time and baking skills!

Sophie from Thom Anne Sullivan Early Childhood Programs spoiled the staff and volunteers by bringing in home made egg rolls and spanakopita the other day. In case you can’t tell Dianne lives for the days that Sophie makes egg rolls! It is a splurge that the whole staff savors. We have to keep their energy up in the last few weeks of Magic of Christmas, elves work is never done. Thanks Sophie!

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