Jill is today’s super Saturday volunteer. She spent her time sorting and organizing incoming donations and helping Dianne and Lori get the warehouse organized after their holiday break.

Pam, Suzanne and Carol are three of our wonderful Wednesday volunteers. This week they spent much of their time filling the client clothing bins from the previously sorted and organized incoming donations. They also help Lori and Grace to pull client orders for the days scheduled pick ups. With the few volunteers we are allowed to have in the warehouse they do the work of ten and we couldn’t manage without them! Thanks Ladies!

Suzanne, Pam and Ann are three of our wonderful weekly volunteers. They spend their time sorting and organizing incoming donations, filling the client clothing bins and pulling client orders. We can’t imagine the warehouse without them. They keep the warehouse organized, full of laughter and keep the staff on their toes. They can also tell you exactly what we need for our clients. Today they would tell you we need Boys Coats in Sizes 6-18.

Lori made a video to show you the enormity of the Gaivin family Christmas donation. All of the boxes got moved downstairs into the project area and Lori’s daughter and grandson Jacob dropped in after work to help her arrange them. Jacob gives you a sneak peek into Patricia’s amazing organization and what the boxes contain. Take a look!
Another Wish family member, Tya, volunteered this week, helping her mom, Lori Yutzy sort through the mound of clothing donations that came in last week. Donations were piled so high we were afraid Dianne might have gotten buried under them. Fortunately she wasn’t under the bags.
Another informative video by Lori describing what the warehouse is like this week after last week’s request for clothing. Take a look!
Thank you to everyone who dropped off clothing donations this past week, we asked and you delivered! Please take the week off from bringing us clothes while we catch up with all of the incredible donations we got this week! We have to save a little bit of room for Lori and Dianne to walk. I will post here when we have the room to accept clothing donations again. Please share so we can get the word out to as many donors as possible to hold off for at least this week.
Mel is one of our wonderful weekly volunteers. He is usually found sorting and organizing incoming donations with Dianne. Lately while Charlie has been off he can be found accepting donations at the back dock. Mel is extremely outgoing and friendly so if you find yourself in a conversation with him, get comfortable, you may be there awhile! Or steer the conversation to his dogs, he has 2 extremely cute dogs that have stopped in to visit us. We are extremely grateful for our weekly volunteers, without them Dianne wouldn’t even be able to get through the doors.
Sheri was our super Saturday volunteer today. She spent her time sorting and organizing incoming donations and filling the client clothing bins. We are so grateful to our small group of weekly volunteers who keep the warehouse organized and filled. Lori and Dianne could never manage without you!
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