There are many ways in which you can help from home, school or at your place of business. We are happy to document your volunteer hours and to tailor a project to meet your group’s needs. Use your passion to help families in need. We can help provide marketing materials and more. Just let us know! As long as the majority of the proceeds are to benefit our organization we will help promote the event through our online portals and social shares.

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Bedding Kits
You can pick up sheets and blankets from the warehouse to wash and make into kits for our clients. This ensures that all clients receive fresh sheets and it makes things at the warehouse more organized and easier on staff and volunteers when packing up client orders.

Shoe Sorting
You can pick up bins of shoes from the warehouse to match, label, and bag. This also helps us keep items in the warehouse organized and makes it easier for staff and volunteers to find sized needed by clients and to easily see what we are in need of.

Hold a fundraise to benefit The Wish Project- Reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to raise much needed funds to help our organization keep assisting our neighbors in need.

Examples from past, successful events
• Yard sale
• Cornhole contest
• Poker tournament
• Bake sale
• Sleep-a-thon (to raise awareness about all the children without beds, who must sleep on the floor)

Collection Events
Our needs are constantly changing, because the are based off of the current needs of our clients, but you can always check our Current Needs or organize a collection for one of our seasonal projects. These include Backpack Attack, BITS Bags, Magic of Christmas, Mother’s Day.

Examples from past successful events
• Host a baby shower where everyone brings new baby items for The Wish Project clients

• Birthday party- is your birthday coming up, but you don’t want gifts for yourself? Have guests bring new toys to donate to our Birthday Bag project
• New Years party to collect diapers for all of the new years babies
• Christmas party where guests bring new toys and gifts to donate
• Host a house warming party where everyone brings new or gently used household items such as pots and pans, can openers, coffee makers, and shower curtain liners (must be new)

Cleaning and hygiene kits
Collect donated the items and get together to assemble the bags so that they are ready for our clients

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