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Contact Us

Phone: 866-947-4360
Contact: Tina DiNino

Mailing Address
PO Box 8693
Lowell, MA 01853

On-Site Volunteering

About three thousand people (individuals and corporate groups) volunteer their time at the warehouse every year to help us serve the homeless and low income population in our area. With our small staff we would never be able to do what we do without our group of loyal and hard-working volunteers.  Since March 2020 we have had to severely limit the number of volunteers that we can have on premises at any one time in this time of COVID-19.  We look forward to getting back to normal and to welcoming our volunteers back into our facility!

Volunteer Off-Site

There are many ways you can help from home, school or at your place of business and many times we can provide service hours for your efforts. To find out what is needed this week connect us on Facebook or sign up for the Weekly E-News. We are happy to document your volunteer hours and to tailor a project to meet your groups needs. Here are some ideas:

  • Hold a Fundraiser: Use your passion to help families in need. Hold a fundraiser to benefit The Wish Project. We can help provide marketing materials and more. Just let us know. As long as the majority of the proceeds are to benefit our organization we will help promote the event through our online portals and social shares. Contact Tina DiNino for information.
  • Host a Blues Night, Run a yard sale, have a corn hole contest, host a sleep-a-thon to raise awareness for the hundreds of kids that sleep on the floor, hold a bake sale, host a bowling party, throw a house party or host a poker bowling competition. Have a white elephant swap after Christmas at the office for all those gifts that just don’t fit. Challenge the other lawyers or accountants in the area to bowling or poker.
  • Hold a collection to support a Seasonal Service Projects List a regular need or a monthly service project with a party in your own home or office. Or just do a collection among your friends or co-workers or school. Contact us first to see what we need the most. Get service hours and it looks great on a college application. We write great recommendations for extraordinary kids that help out.
  • Birthday Party and collect new toys, or goods for birthday bags for needy kids or diapers, or school supplies
  • New Year’s Party to collect diapers and wipes for the New Year babies
  • Mother’s Day Brunch to make gift bags or collect gifts for our Mother’s Day Bags
  • Backpack Brunch Collection and Stuffing Party
  • Christmas Party and have guests bring new toys
  • Lend a Hand with Pots and Pans: Home Goods Party – Everyone brings old pots or pans, shower curtain liners, can openers or a clean coffee maker.
  • Pillow Party, Blanket Party, or Towel Party
  • Snowball fight Event: with new socks rolled into snowballs
  • Home Clean Home Party– We always need cleaning kits for clients going into low-income apartments from shelters (all unopened products please). Fill a bucket with cleaning supplies and sponges, add a broom and/or mop and watch the clients light up with joy. These are a huge hit and are so needed by families moving into apartments!
  • Emergency Food Party– Collect food to fill emergency food needs. We need these for families who cannot get to a pantry. Most were suddenly placed in a hotel due to fire, flood or sudden homelessness. Food boxes cost about $40 each to put together. This is a great Scout meeting project.